Communication is a key element for this sign

The Gemini sign is the third sign of the zodiac that closes the cycle of spring. The Sun travels this sign from May 21st to June 21st. In this zodiacal slice, the Sun completes its work of fertilization with regard to the vegetable kingdom. It is a mutable sign or doubles as well. It is ruled by Mercury and its element is Air. The Gemini sign is in analogy with the astrological House III, the house that governs communication. It also symbolizes the awareness of intelligence on matter.

The art of communication

Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different types of personalities and you never know which one is in front of you. Gemini can be sociable, communicative and ready to play, while on the other hand he can be serious, thoughtful, anxious and even undecided. Since the art of communication has been one of the major goals of this life, you have chosen to be born under the influence of the Gemini Solar sign that is influenced by the air element. Its qualities are flexibility and adaptability and the focus is on communication and intellect. Positively using the qualities of the Gemini sign will help you be friendly, extroverted, witty, eloquent, resourceful and insightful.

The sign of Gemini

Most of the time, Gemini do not allow their minds to ignore the feelings of your heart, and so they may seem to be, in a way, emotionally detached, or they may have difficulty showing their feelings. Affection or to express their most intimate feelings. One of their major goals in this life is the balancing of their intellectual and emotional side, and also the integration of the feminine qualities of kindness, intuition, food and creativity with dynamism, power and their dynamic will to create on their male side. As a sign of Air, Gemini is interested in all aspects of the mind.


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