How a pschic can give you answers by connecting through your energy

Mediums are divinatory art experts who proceed in many ways according to their habits. There are those who use supports of the same kind as the seers, the tarologues etc. And there are those who use as their support thoughts and energies. It is their own thinking and their own energy and those of the person consulting. So you can ask your medium beforehand how he will proceed to find out whether his method will please you or not. You are free to decide.


We are talking here about the energy that overwhelms the person when they consult and the energy that invades the expert at the same time. The latter can also use the different energies that are available in the space where the two parts are. Being a professional in the field, he can detect and determine if the energies are positive or negative. It can also determine whether they advertise good or bad things. And he can manipulate them to make them more constructive or even more useful to the person consulting. So if you have questions that trot your mind, you do not need to reveal information about yourself. By focusing on energies, your medium can give you answers. But a medium can also do a tarot card reading session to support his story thanks to the results of the draws.

What subject to discuss with the medium?

Like all other divinatory professionals, the medium can give answers to everything. So you can talk to him about your love life to see if you will meet soon. You can also talk to him about your finances so that he gives you information on the right investments to make, the best decisions to make, etc. Regarding health, it would be easy for your medium to do a tarot card reading for example and then focus on your energy to tell you how you go. He can also describe the state of your health, the good manners you should adopt to keep fit and so on.

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