Originating from the constellation of Gemini

The Greek myth of the Divine Twins Castor and Pollux is associated with Gemini. The two main stars of the constellation bear the name of his two brothers born of the loves of Zeus and Leda. Zeus, whose conquests we do not count ... seduced the mortal Leda by opting this time to take the appearance of a swan. From the egg resulting from their love will come Castor and Pollux, who are almost alike in every respect. The love of a God and a mortal usually gives a child Half-God. But by this twinship, the divine ancestry was embodied entirely in Pollux, who inherited immortality. Castor, having the humanity of his mother Leda will not live forever.

Gemini: The constellation of Gemini

After their birth, it is Hermes (Mercury, planet associated with Gemini) that will raise the two children. These will develop the vivacity, the cunning and the intelligence of their tax collector. United by a friendship that makes them inseparable, they do not keep up and participate in two great feats. They take part in the Argonauts' trip, helping Jason to recover the golden fleece (Aries). After that, they triumph over Theseus, the winner of the Minotaur, and thus go through the Taurus stage of the zodiacal cycle.

The origin of Gemini

For a love story, they will try to kidnap two young princesses from their fiancees. The fight against the rivals will take Castor away. Pollux, not supporting the death of his twin, renounce his immortality to share with his brother. Thus, they live alternately, each in turn, six months and spend the other six months in the Underworld but never meet. Difficult to say the gender of the characters that represent Gemini in traditional imagery. It is not a coincidence. The myth of the primitive Androgynous is a classic of all mythologies that can be associated with Gemini. The unity of the original living being has been separated into two complementary but opposite and sexual beings. Each one of them then seeks his double to reform the complete Being of body and mind of which he feels only half.

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